Magnetic wall map
to keep a record of your
travels around the world

Tag the cities and countries you have visited
on this map and personalize it to create a visual
impression of your journeys.
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Tag cities

Tag cities, countries and all kinds of journeys

Each Mapnético includes 65 magnets to personalize this map of the world according to your own travel experience. You can place the magnets on all of the capitals or cities you have visited, use them to fill in each country, or have fun with them by plotting the path of all your journeys around the world. Every Mapnético, like every trip, is unique and unrepeatable.

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Fill in countries
Plot the path

Different colour magnets, infinite possibilities

You can combine different coloured magnets to use your map in a thousand different ways. Here are some ideas:

Share the map with other people and use different colours to show all the places you have visited.

Plan your future trips in a different colour and start dreaming about them.

Tag your favourite cities with a bright colour that stands out from the others.

There are endless possibilities, as many as you can imagine. Ready to colour your Mapnético?

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We pay attention to the details of design

Mapnético is based on Miller’s cartographic projection and drawn using an abstract grid of points and their geographical coordinates. Thanks to the references included in the plan and to a detailed legend you will find all the countries in the world, their capitals and also a large number of important cities around the globe, each of them well-referenced and easily locatable through its latitude and longitude.

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Keep count of the countries you have visited

Twenty-two, thirty-six, forty-five…how many countries have you been to? Mapnético is the first map to include counters for countries visited. Set out the numbers with magnets and change them each time you get a new stamp in your passport. Will you be able to travel to all 194 countries in the world?

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